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How I realized the importance of water?

Just when I was meandering in and out of my house, my mom called out to me and told me there was something wrong with the water pumping motor. I reached out to her as soon as I heard her voice. The thought of an empty tank was constantly bugging her. She added that without water it would not be possible for her and us to do the daily chores. I ran towards my room, which took me a while, to call my electrician. The person who I can rely on with my eyes shut. At times, he is lackadaisical and doesn't respond well. As usual, he told me that he was busy and would not be able to come. I told him that it was urgent and there's nothing we could do without his help. That's when I realized how important an electrician is. I sound like a square peg in a round hole in such situations. Jokes apart, I insisted him to visit us the following day and the call ended on an assuring note from his side. Meanwhile, we had the whole day ahead of us and thoughts of water running dry. I will expl

Ever wondered where hell and heaven could be? Here's something that would enlighten you

It's completely fine to not believe something that you haven't experienced on your own or seen with your own eyes until there is a fair amount of evidence to prove so.   In simple words,   bliss   means utter contentment or extreme happiness and   perdition   means eternal damnation; a state of extreme unhappiness marked by continuous suffering. Bliss and Perdition can also be referred to as Heaven and Hell. It is commonly said that our noble deeds will help us to secure a place in   heaven   and bad deeds will make us repent in   hell . Even a mere thought of the latter haunts us and doesn't let us sleep at night. Whenever somebody commits a mistake or a sin, he/she is tormented by the very saying: You will go to hell and you will repent this later on. There’s nothing to be petrified of if you told a few lies this morning or you annoyed someone as it would not form the basis for your going to heaven or hell, so please loosen up. I request you to be all eyes while going thr