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How I realized the importance of water?

Just when I was meandering in and out of my house, my mom called out to me and told me there was something wrong with the water pumping motor. I reached out to her as soon as I heard her voice. The thought of an empty tank was constantly bugging her. She added that without water it would not be possible for her and us to do the daily chores. I ran towards my room, which took me a while, to call my electrician. The person who I can rely on with my eyes shut. At times, he is lackadaisical and doesn't respond well. As usual, he told me that he was busy and would not be able to come. I told him that it was urgent and there's nothing we could do without his help. That's when I realized how important an electrician is. I sound like a square peg in a round hole in such situations. Jokes apart, I insisted him to visit us the following day and the call ended on an assuring note from his side. Meanwhile, we had the whole day ahead of us and thoughts of water running dry. I will expl

How To Deal With Stress?

  Siddharth: Hey! How are you doing? Manish: Please don't ask. I don't really feel well. Siddharth: You can share it with me. I may have a solution up my sleeve. Manish: Okay. Manish: I have been on a job hunt for the past couple of months. I went to four different companies and each one of them gave me a writing assignment. Remember when I was discussing how to cope with examination stress with you? That's one of my assignments. I don't think that I left any stone unturned and I think I gave my best. But I haven't received even a single reply from any one of them so far. This thought is constantly bugging me into thinking that I am worthless and not letting me sleep. Siddharth:  At least don't call yourself worthless.  Manish: Please. Your sympathy is not gonna help me. Step into my boots and you will know what I am going through. Siddharth: If you keep giving excuses, things are not gonna get better. I want you to pull yourself together and get back

Perks of Note-Taking

Have you been trying to get habituated with the practice of making notes, but not getting the proper inducement to do so? Don't worry, you will surely be filliped by going through some of the benefits of note taking that I have curated for you.  Do you ever wonder how students get good grades? The secret lies in the fact that they prefer making notes to auditory learning.  Making notes might seem a little boring to you provided you have books and sources like YouTube and Doubtnut that serve the same purpose but trust me, if you start making notes it will not only help you pass your exams with flying colors but will also improve your mental abilities, which include verbal comprehension, spatial ability, inductive reasoning, number facility, word fluency, associative memory and perceptual speed.  Now let us understand more broadly by diving into some of the benefits of NOTE TAKING listed below:  Improves Writing Skills: You get a knack for writing answers if you are habituated with m

Why do some people end up doing nothing?

From the beginning, they have a tendency to not settle for less. They prefer sitting idle to working somewhere. In the pursuit of not settling for less, they end up settling for nothing. Sometimes they succeed too if they don't emotionally break down in the process. They consider it futile to work 9 to 5 for someone who pays a meager salary in return. Let's say that you have to get to the top of a multi-story building and the lift is not working. Going by stairs is the only option left. The lift may or may not get repaired within a stipulated period. What would you do? Well if I were put in the same situation, I would wait for the lift to be functional and it's something that most of us would do. What if a person on the 15th floor is waiting for you and is expecting you in the next fifteen minutes? Will you still wait for the lift or take the stairs? Some of us would still wait for the lift to be functional but a wise person would take the stairs knowing that if he disappoi

Love, nowadays - Just a Bodily Attraction

Guy - I think I love you. Girl - What makes you say so? Guy - I don’t know. I just think you are very pretty. I got attracted to you the first time I crossed paths with you.  What does the aforementioned conversation indicate? Most of us will say that the guy loves the girl unconditionally and his love is immaculate. But if you carefully look at the reply of the boy, he deems to love her based on a condition, that is, she is extremely charismatic. Love nowadays is not a complex word/thing - you see a girl or a boy from a distance and you fall in love. But according to me, love is not just a bodily attraction. It’s way way more than that. I won’t join hands with someone who is just physically attractive or dresses nicely. Do you happen to like everybody you meet? No, right. And what forms the basis of your liking? Well, you look for a certain set of qualities in the other person and if you happen to find such a set, you start admiring that person. You make him/her your go-to companio

Peace: A Quiet and Calm State of Mind

There are several ways in which one can attain peace but it totally depends on oneself. I prefer sitting motionlessly in a place and listening to songs of my choice without having anyone horning in on the process. We all are very much occupied with the mind-numbing activities of ours that we even forget to pay attention to our mental health which in turn has a negative toll on our health. Sometimes getting oneself involved in an endless debate or irrelevant talks leads to frustration and hence, negatively affects one’s mind. Peace can neither be taken from somebody nor can be bought offline or online. It comes from within. Being desirous of things that one doesn’t have leads to unhappiness and thus, hinders the process of attaining peace. One should learn to contend with the things one has instead of being sad about the things one doesn’t have. Though, I disagree with the statement, “Money can’t buy you happiness” because the inability to buy anything for oneself will definitely not ma

Success - A Diverse Phenomenon

The whole idea of this blog is to motivate people to the best extent possible. Success is one such word that brings a smile to almost everyone's face. Two days back, I asked a couple of my friends to give me their viewpoints on the word Success. Here are some of the finest viewpoints that I have gathered.  Harsh Singh(a good friend and a musicophile) Success has many different meanings... It varies from person to person... For me, Success does not mean being on the list of the world's Richest or most Famous Personalities... For me, Success is something that I can really admire... Makes my soul happy... Gives me a feeling of contentment... Working for a cause... Doing something that interests me... Motivates me... Makes me want to leave the bed early in the morning...  Just to enlighten you about my goals... I want to become a musician plus a composer... But it doesn't mean that I want to be a famous singer like Arjit or Rahman... Want to create music that is soothing to the

Hope - A four letter word

I think I will get through this tough phase. I think I will pass this examination. I assure you that it will work. All these clauses indicate what? A four letter word called Hope . Hope that you read this passage to its last line. We rely too much on Hope, isn't it? It rained cats and dogs today. I hope that the Sun shows up tomorrow. Oh God! I can't really write a sentence without using the word Hope. It's the second most used word - be it blessings or be it formal conversations or be it recovery messages - after the word God. It is an entity that gives wings to our imagination, calms our beating heart, give vent to our feelings and what not.  Where there are uncertainties, there is hope. If Darkness is an uncertainty, light will be notion of hope that will let us get rid of the darkness. To connect two dots, you need a line. To join two distant places, you need roads. To connect two people, you need the way to their hearts. To pass an examination, you need to meet a certa

A chapter of happiness in one's life

Happiness is something that can't be measured in numbers; it can only be felt. It is the moments of happiness that reminds us of the good things that happened to us and last forever. A couple of days ago, I asked my cronies and my kindred to tell me about a moment when they helped someone or when they felt happy. Although, I have received a bunch of replies yet I can't mention all of them here. I have only quoted a few here, including myself, which are voiced below.  I (A Computer Science Engineer and a Writer) One day I was standing at my door and a dog came running toward me. She was hungry I guess. I went inside immediately, opened the refrigerator, and fetched some bread crumbs for her. It was so good to see her waiting hand and foot on me. Although she saw me going inside yet she didn’t go away until she had her fill. Once she was fed, she started dancing around me. It was, maybe her way of thanking me. For a moment, it felt like there was no end to her merriment. It wa

An act of generosity

It was yesterday when my mother told me to go to the market and get some vegetables. I went to a place called Ratan Singh Chowk, which is situated in Amritsar, and stopped by a good-looking vegetable vendor. He greeted me with a smile and I acknowledged him with a smile too. I usually rely on cards and I don't keep much cash in my wallet. Thanks to digitization. I was in so much hurry that I forgot to check my purse for cash. At first, I bought 3-4 vegetables and asked the vendor to bargain and he refused by saying that the rates are fixed and genuine. I usually don't bargain with fruit and vegetable vendors but I was a bit low on cash. At last, I told him to give me 1kg cauliflower. He said that it would be 80 bucks. I told him to pack it. I soon took out my wallet and realized that I didn't have enough cash to pay him and only had 60 bucks. I was not embarrassed. Things like these happen every now and then. I told him to remove the cauliflower as I am a little low on cash

How important is it to be in a state of short-term Solitude?

What do you conceive of when you first hear the term solitude ? A person sitting alone for no reason or a state in which one cuts all his ties from his surroundings. Either he stops going to places or he stops meeting people. A state where there is complete seclusion from the outside elements of the world. And why do some people ostracize themselves from society and walk the path of solitude? To understand it you need to be in my shoes. I practice this every now and then. Why do I prefer to be in a state where there is no one around? I consider it as an important part of self-analysis where a person stops doing all other stressful activities concerning the brain and solely thinks about himself. I find it paramount as it serves the process of examining one’s own mental health and it aids in understanding one’s own thoughts or consciences in a better way. In simple words, it serves as a means of introspection.  Be it finding hidden talents or be it exploring oneself to the best extent po

Five things that a person shouldn't have

Egoism I don’t need anyone in life to run my errands. Alone I can take care of myself and can handle everything. Do you think you know more than I(do)? How dare you talk to me like that? Do you know who I am? You are just a rookie. You should ask me before doing anything. Have you come across anyone who talked to you like this or behaved similarly. Yes? Congratulations! You have come across an Egoist. Egoism is one of such qualities that should not be there in a person as it can ruin your life, your relationships, and whatnot. Once an egoist will always be an egoist. Egoists have this weird tendency of ostracizing themselves from society as they think that it is they who hold the best opinions and others are simply fools. They are self-centric, unsympathetic, parochial, and whatnot. Even if you try to explain a minor problem to an egoist, he will make a mountain out of a molehill/it.  A Bad Temper Bad temper is linked to Egoism just like the bogies are linked to a rail engine. To

Win hearts and Gain success with the Right Attitude

     Attitude is a windowpane with which you see the outer world. If that windowpane is clean, everything will appear clear to you. Problems will not stay on that glass for long. You will see everything with a positive outlook. But if it is dirty, everything will appear blurry to you. The dirt will become your problems, which will eventually land you in deep water. It will breed a sense of negativity in you that will last forever until you you wipe off your windowpane and remove the dirt. Someone with a positive attitude will seize every opportunity as it comes whereas someone with a negative attitude will miss out on opportunities. To exemplify, if a glass half-filled with water is kept in front of a person having a positive mindset, he will say it's half full and it will be enough to quench his thirst whereas if it is kept in front of someone having a totally opposite mindset, he will start complaining. It will appear half empty to him. He will not drink it until it's full a

Ever wondered where hell and heaven could be? Here's something that would enlighten you

It's completely fine to not believe something that you haven't experienced on your own or seen with your own eyes until there is a fair amount of evidence to prove so.   In simple words,   bliss   means utter contentment or extreme happiness and   perdition   means eternal damnation; a state of extreme unhappiness marked by continuous suffering. Bliss and Perdition can also be referred to as Heaven and Hell. It is commonly said that our noble deeds will help us to secure a place in   heaven   and bad deeds will make us repent in   hell . Even a mere thought of the latter haunts us and doesn't let us sleep at night. Whenever somebody commits a mistake or a sin, he/she is tormented by the very saying: You will go to hell and you will repent this later on. There’s nothing to be petrified of if you told a few lies this morning or you annoyed someone as it would not form the basis for your going to heaven or hell, so please loosen up. I request you to be all eyes while going thr

Passion, Patience and Perseverance

If you are looking forward to achieving big in your life you need to mug up these three words. These three P's will come in handy throughout your journey. Without the notion of Passion, you can't be successful because you are treading on a path where there are no milestones or no particular stops. Passion incites your hidden potential and lets you think of such milestones or stops. As a struggling writer, my final stop is to become a successful writer and my first milestone is to express myself to the best extent possible through a platform such as a book or an online site such as blogger spot. I am planning on publishing a book by the end of this year. The book will be purely dedicated to motivational bits and bobs and will talk you through the way of the world using  real-life experiences expressed in the form of examples. So you see when I have a goal in my mind I can think of milestones or stops whereas when you don't have one in your mind this process becomes really o

What are we and why are we here?

To lead a happy and purposeful life you just need to identify two things: (i) What are you? (ii) Why has God created you?                                                                                   These are some intriguing questions that one would ask oneself. Although it takes a lot to answer such questions yet I would like to shed some light on these. We are very lucky that we have got a chance to live the human aspect of life. Had we committed inexpiable sins, we would have not gotten this chance and I am lucky enough to share my experience on such questions. One day I was conversing with my inner self and upon being asked what I am, my inner self replied, “You are a tiny electron in a world full of electrons.” My crude sense of humor amused me that day and although it was a bit sarcastic yet it was a bit conceivable. All of a sudden it made me think about an electron. Well most of us have read chemistry and know what an electron is and for those who don’t know what it is, ju

The subtle art of keeping quiet and avoiding quarrels

Josh(customer at a restaurant): You are a loggerhead. I hate simpletons like you. Don’t you know how things are done around here? That’s a $1000 attire you just ruined. Kol(Waiter): I am really sorry, Sir. I am. This would not happen again to anyone. And if possible, I will buy you the same suit after I am done with today’s shift. Josh: You have got to be kidding me. How would you do that with your meager salary? Kol: Don’t worry, Sir. I have saved enough over the years to buy you a $1000 suit.  Josh: You are crazy. You don’t have to do that. Just make sure it doesn’t happen again.  Now, this is how you avoid a conflict. A feeling of empathy along with a bunch of nice replies is all that you need to get you out of a troublesome situation. Let’s look at another conversation to help you get started. My friend: The habit of not pondering upon your weaknesses is your Achilles hill.  My reply to him: I would take your advice and start working on my weak areas. My friend: I