How I realized the importance of water?

Just when I was meandering in and out of my house, my mom called out to me and told me there was something wrong with the water pumping motor. I reached out to her as soon as I heard her voice. The thought of an empty tank was constantly bugging her. She added that without water it would not be possible for her and us to do the daily chores. I ran towards my room, which took me a while, to call my electrician. The person who I can rely on with my eyes shut. At times, he is lackadaisical and doesn't respond well. As usual, he told me that he was busy and would not be able to come. I told him that it was urgent and there's nothing we could do without his help. That's when I realized how important an electrician is. I sound like a square peg in a round hole in such situations. Jokes apart, I insisted him to visit us the following day and the call ended on an assuring note from his side. Meanwhile, we had the whole day ahead of us and thoughts of water running dry. I will expl

Hope - A four letter word

I think I will get through this tough phase. I think I will pass this examination. I assure you that it will work. All these clauses indicate what? A four letter word called Hope. Hope that you read this passage to its last line. We rely too much on Hope, isn't it? It rained cats and dogs today. I hope that the Sun shows up tomorrow. Oh God! I can't really write a sentence without using the word Hope. It's the second most used word - be it blessings or be it formal conversations or be it recovery messages - after the word God. It is an entity that gives wings to our imagination, calms our beating heart, give vent to our feelings and what not. 

Where there are uncertainties, there is hope. If Darkness is an uncertainty, light will be notion of hope that will let us get rid of the darkness. To connect two dots, you need a line. To join two distant places, you need roads. To connect two people, you need the way to their hearts. To pass an examination, you need to meet a certain criterion. Line, roads, criterion and way-to-hearts are some examples of hope. Positive people are full of hope whereas negative people lack the notion of hope. Sometimes we feel hopeless or down in the dumps just because we think of all the bad things that can happen to us. We go to a good institution in the hope of getting a good job. We make sacrifices today to shape our future. We buy life insurance for the sake of protecting ourselves. Everything that we can think of has the notion of hope hidden somewhere. We just have to find it. If you are panning to go on a date or on a business meeting or for an interview just memorize this four letter word and everything will go good. People come and people go. Some stay and some don't. Some become good friends and some don't. Some pledge their allegiance to us and some don't. Unlike every other thing in this universe that is ephemeral, hope is the only thing that is perpetual and can neither be stolen nor be replaced, unless you decide to give it away or replace it with skepticism.

I am hopeful that I will become a good writer one day. You are hopeful that you will become a doctor or an engineer or a businessman one day. Why am I mentioning this? It is just to inculcate a sense of knowledge that without this four letter word you can’t think of achieving your goals. You can’t be certain if you are not hopeful and if you are not certain, you will not get the desired outputs or results. Whenever adversity takes the place of  prosperity and our fears intertwine, hope is the only thing that comes in handy and gives us the ability to cope with our difficulties. 

How to be hopeful all the time and keep skepticism at bay?

  • Surround yourself with positive people
  • Introspect for 30 minutes every day
  • Do not let the bad temper control you
  • Do not let the feeling of haughtiness conquer you 
  • Do not live in a fool's paradise by ignoring your problems
  • Just don’t let the bad thoughts enter your mind
  • Speak less, act more
  • Be a good listener
  • Stop procrastinating
  • Think of all the good things that has happened to you 
  • Don’t let your past experiences bother you
  • Make the most of today; seize every opportunity

Well this is my list. You can create your list by using this one. Add or delete whatever you like. I will not give y’all a false hope. It takes months or sometimes years to develop good habits but once you develop them, you will feel better; it will set you apart from others. You will have a completely different mindset. You will feel more confident. You will be more empathetic and sympathetic. You will be full of wisdom. Have you ever wondered how people manage to say the right thing at the right time? It is because of the quality of perceptiveness. The more hopeful you are, the more perceptive you are. At last I would like you to have a look at this short metrical composition:


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