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How I realized the importance of water?

Just when I was meandering in and out of my house, my mom called out to me and told me there was something wrong with the water pumping motor. I reached out to her as soon as I heard her voice. The thought of an empty tank was constantly bugging her. She added that without water it would not be possible for her and us to do the daily chores. I ran towards my room, which took me a while, to call my electrician. The person who I can rely on with my eyes shut. At times, he is lackadaisical and doesn't respond well. As usual, he told me that he was busy and would not be able to come. I told him that it was urgent and there's nothing we could do without his help. That's when I realized how important an electrician is. I sound like a square peg in a round hole in such situations. Jokes apart, I insisted him to visit us the following day and the call ended on an assuring note from his side. Meanwhile, we had the whole day ahead of us and thoughts of water running dry. I will expl

How important is it to be in a state of short-term Solitude?

What do you conceive of when you first hear the term solitude ? A person sitting alone for no reason or a state in which one cuts all his ties from his surroundings. Either he stops going to places or he stops meeting people. A state where there is complete seclusion from the outside elements of the world. And why do some people ostracize themselves from society and walk the path of solitude? To understand it you need to be in my shoes. I practice this every now and then. Why do I prefer to be in a state where there is no one around? I consider it as an important part of self-analysis where a person stops doing all other stressful activities concerning the brain and solely thinks about himself. I find it paramount as it serves the process of examining one’s own mental health and it aids in understanding one’s own thoughts or consciences in a better way. In simple words, it serves as a means of introspection.  Be it finding hidden talents or be it exploring oneself to the best extent po